Saturday, May 5, 2007

Big Brother 2007 Day Fourteen

The Friday games had a Japanese Quiz Show theme. Highlight was Jamie psyching out Travis is an endurance challenge. The final round was a luck based one really. The final two contestants answering questions in turn knowing that when a secret countdown ended the person whose turn it was would be dunked into fishguts and automatically lose. Hayley got a lot wrong in a row but managed to get one right just in time to turn the arrow back and win. She took Andrew (of course) into the Rewards Room with her.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Big Brother 2007 Day Thirteen

Hayley and Bodie have a big fall out, causing tensions among the housemates. Hayley is not very impressed. Hayley made an astute observation that Bodie is playing the game and has paired up with TJ to help keep him in the house.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Big Brother 2007 Day Twelve

The housemates get time to bond around the fishpond, catching an ejected fish at random times. Bodie is shown pretty negatively, Bec tries to bond but he's not that interested and she later bitches about him to Zoran who totally agrees Zoran. (Zoran is very cute and hasn't got enough attention so this would good). Bodie and TJ are also pretty rude when the new white room housemate, Demet comes into the house.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Big Brother 2007 Day Eleven

Tonight episode focuses on Kate's breakdown when she learns the weekly task has them looking after babies. Did she leave out that she'd lost a baby on her application? I suppose it might not have come out but it does seem to be a big motivator for her being in the house.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Big Brother 2007 Day Ten

Jamie gets a bit of focus tonight, unhappy with being ignored by Emma for the farm task, he spends some time on the couch. Casting Emma as a bitch she's shown feeling not sympathy for him.

The White Room housemates contemplate acting together and walking out at once.

The inital nominees for eviction are Kate, Bodie, Emma. Emma's reward for winning Friday Night Games is to take one nominee of the list and choose someone else to be up. She saves herself and puts Jamie up for eviction.

Emma thinks most of the people are too geeky, not the sort of people she'd hang out with in real life. Bodie gets in trouble for discussing nominations (although he did so in a very vague way). He's punished by being made a non-housemate. The other housemates are told to not communicate with Bodie in anyway.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Big Brother 2007 Day Nine

The Housemates watch as Cruz goes for the money on offer and leaves the white room. Demet has a very hysterical reaction, almost a parody of an upset housemate. Cruz is taken to the rewards room where the windows reveal the other housemates for a glimpse and a wave.

Hayley's two relationships are revealed to the house to lots of cheering and surprise. TJ gets a bit upset at an offhand comment from Hayley that becomes a misunderstanding, but it's wrapped up quickly and Hayley and Thomas go to bed together.

Kate and one of the blond girls (I'm still a bit confused by them all) catch TJ hiding stuff in the kitchen late in the night.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Big Brother 2007 Day Eight

Emma and Aleisha have gone into the rewards room. They learnt that the new prize is that the housemates in the rewards room can discuss nominations. The girls are getting annoyed by the way Thomas is flirting and he's attacked on it causing a bit of an argument. TJ has also managed to scare the others who don't want to get on her bad side.

The weekly tasks are assigned and this leads to Emma and Kate fighting. Kate really annoys me in the way she thinks she's so much better than everyone else. Big Brother actually tells her off for threatening violence towards Emma. She gets a warning and the threat of early eviction. Kate tells Hayley she's hating it in the house. She could very well be the earliest out.

Hayley and Andrew head into the diary room together for a chance to talk honestly, kiss and hold each other, and not worry about someone walking in on them.